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95.00 EUR

95.00 EUR

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Simple. Unique. Small bag made by hand with 2 straps.

  • Informations

    This small bag is made of black leather, closed with with silver hardware and 2 straps to wear it on your shoulder, on your hips or using 2 straps . It has two tassels. It is stiff and lightweight, resistant during use. Freely houses the most important things. It has an adjustable strap for carrying on your shoulder. It is minimalist, has no lining and internal pocket and for this simplicity you'll love it. Thick natural leather. Minor imperfections and wrinkles confirm the authenticity of the leather.

  • Dimensions

    Inside: 21 x 14 x 1 cm. Strap lenght: – 110 cm (adjustable).

  • Maintenance

    The bag is attached care instructions. By using the given hints you can make your bag will serve you forever. However, if you scratch it accidentally or damage do not despair - so your bag will become an extraordinary nature and will be completely unique. Take care of your leatherbag naturally, but let her enroll your story in itself. It is her most valuable trait.

  • Personalization

    By placing the order, you get the choice to have your product engraved by laser with a text (for example your initials or your name) or logo etc. This is a great idea especially if you buy bag as a gift for someone else. You can chose any font, size and place in the bag or strap. Just give me this information when ordering.

  • Delivery term

    Each bag is made to order within 5-10 working days after the order has been placed. If you need to get if faster, please contact the shop.